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Faith: 0 Followers: 0 Churches: 0 Temples: 0 Cathedrals: 0

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Population: 8,000,000,000 – Converted: 0 – Unconverted: 8,000,000,000

Cost to convert Follower: 10 Faith

Cost to build Church: 100 Followers and 10,000 Faith

Cost to build Temple: 1,000 Followers and 100,000 Faith

Cost to build Cathedral: 10,000 Followers and 10,000,000 Faith

Pray to the Cross to gain faith. Use faith to convert followers. Use followers and faith to build churches, temples, and cathedrals. Followers give you faith, churches give you followers, temples give you churches, and cathedrals give you temples.

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Get ready for endless clicking fun with a Christian twist in 'Faith Clicker'! Click your way through exciting levels and unlock heavenly blessings as you embark on a faith-filled journey. With each tap, you'll watch your blessings multiply, all while enjoying a captivating Christian-inspired gaming experience. Dive into the joy of clicking and watch as your faith-themed progress unfolds before your eyes. 'Faith Clicker' offers an entertaining way to engage with a Christian theme while indulging in the addictive pleasure of clicking. Start clicking now and let the fun begin We'll try to bring fun new changes to this game as we can. Check back here often to see how the game develops.
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